Here’s what Lance Koenders of Intel had to say when he read my blog of March 3 about the panel discussion at Cinequest at which he presented. The panel was about the coming convergence of TV and the Internet. Lance is addressing my concerns about the fate of cable access. And I quote:

“You got it pretty much right on your blog. I wouldn’t worry too much about cable access stations having a role. If you think about it, it actually could make your business more profitable by enabling better reach. As a cable access station, your show’s are generally limited to the local cable network. If you were to begin “broadcasting” on the Internet, your content could get recognized outside of the local footprint, much like the gentleman who is making money doing “Depression Cooking”. In addition, as Tom mentioned, the Internet costs for video distribution have dropped dramatically, so it has the potential to lower costs over the long run. The truth is good localized content will always be needed, which is really the goal of a cable access station. What technology is used to distribute that content is just a means to an end. But as you mentioned in your blog, it falls to you and your fellow cable access producers to monitor the transition and adjust as time goes on!”

Thank you, Larry, for the encouragement and the vision.

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