It Just Gets More Fun Around Here

It’s Spring time and no more eating at my desk! Annie bought us a patio table, umbrella and four chairs! I jumped in the truck with her yesterday morning and off we flew to grab the last on sale set at the local pharmacy. Yeah, pharmacies sell all kinds of stuff these days. So we brought it back and Becca, Annie and I put it together. Actually Annie and Becca turned the wrenches and I supervised. So voila, al fresco dining for the lunch time crowd. I noticed that the employees over at Sciton with whom we share the parking lot were looking a little hangdog Maybe they’ll come over and take a class. Why not? It just gets funner and funner around here for those that use words like funner. And for the rest of us — hanging around here just gets more fun. Thank you, Annie, for a lovely way to welcome Spring.

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