JOHN TURTURRO Accepts Maverick Award – Caught by Kamla Bhatt

Kamla Bhatt used to volunteer here at the Media Center. She currently produces a radio show at KZSU Stanford. I ran into her at Opening Night at Cinequest last night. And she got a nice youtube piece of John accepting his award. Run over to her website to watch her youtube piece.

And right here you can watch my youtube video of John arriving at the theater.

I hope to post the 20 minute interview he gave after we watched his film Passione – about the music of Napoli! He is a really down to earth actor and really accessible to the fans. He put up with a lot of pawing and picture taking at the after party. He didn’t have himself surrounded by body guard/entourage like some of the Maverick winners of the past. And the fans really responded. People love this guy.

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