Local Heroes Presented by the Media Center

The public is invited to the fifth annual celebration of Local Heroes profiled by the Midpeninsula Community Media Center. A reception and free, public screening of highlights from interviews with the Heroes will take place at the Media Center on Sunday, April 17, 4 – 6 pm.

The complete TV programs about the winners, will air throughout the week (April 17 – 23) on the Media Center’s cable Channel 30.

The Media Center is honoring six heroes from the Midpeninsula who devote their lives bravely and selflessly–but silently–outside the limelight – for the betterment of our communities. The heroes and the TV playback times of the individual profiles are:

Monday, April 18, 8 pm:
ELLEN FLETCHER, Palo Alto’s number one champion of the biking community.

Tuesday, April 19, 8 pm:
DAN WU, a high tech engineer who became a psychiatric nurse and community mental health advocate after helping his wife come to grips with Schizophrenia.

Wednesday, April 20, 8 pm:
KATE YOUNG, Director of Resident Services at Palo Alto Housing Corporation, a non-profit that creates and maintains housing for low- and moderate-income residents.

Thursday, April 21, 8 pm:
BARDI KOODRIN, survivor of countless illnesses who has turned her considerable writing talents to helping others who face similar adversities.

Friday, April 22, 8 pm:
EUGENE M. HYMAN, a Santa Clara County judge who has created an unprecedented program of early intervention with counseling, support and therapy for young people who have acted violently against family members.

Saturday , April 23, 8 pm:
ROBERT FREEMAN, creator of an organization that collects just one dollar from millions of high school students then uses the funds for infrastructure projects in developing countries.

All programs are simultaneously available via our Channel 30 webstream that is accessible on our web site.

Reception information:
Where: The Media Center, 900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, 94303
When: 4 PM – 6 PM; April 17
RSVP: Karen at 650-494-8686 ext 18 or kadams@midpenmedia.org
Seating is limited and refreshments will be served so we would appreciate an RSVP before Friday, April 8.

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