Local TV

We program five cable TV channels that reach Atherton, East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Palo Alto on Comcast Cable and AT&T U-verse. Each channel is also web-streamed and you can use the selector on this page to tune in right now!

You can also review the schedule for the cable TV channels on this page, or do a search for your favorite shows.

If you are an  AT&T cable subscriber – go to Channel 99 and see the options for each individual channel.

The BayVoice regional channel – 27 – can be seen in a dozen Peninsula cities. It is programmed by three different south bay media centers.


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Bulletin Board
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Palo Alto Architectural Review Board

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Ch. 26 Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Ch. 26
Ch. 28 Yoga for Health and Joy High Five Fitness I .. Yoga With Hana Afternoon Snack Afternoon Snack Ask Dr. Business Toastmaster Time Fredrico's Kitchen High Five Fitness Cooking and Kids My apple tree HD Stanford Hospital Health Notes Health Matters Healthy Living Yoga for Health and Joy Bulletin Board Yoga for Health and Joy High Five Fitness Yoga With Hana Heritage Thorium Community No 8 David LeBlanc Part 1 Ask Dr. Business The Civil War and Life in the 1860s in Vermont Heritage Ch. 28
Ch. 29 Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Bulletin Board Ch. 29
Ch. 30 Winter Lodge Presents Bulletin Board Robert Hoover's 90th Birthday Community Celebration Cuba Cubano Canibano Bulletin Board Studio 32 In Session #2 Democracy Now! Talking With Henrietta Heritage The Michael Killen Report Local Heroes 2017 The Stephanie Herman Show Neal's Place Jook Joint with E.C. Scott Ch. 30
Ch. 75 Peak Moment Happiness in Wellness Of Sound Mind Everyones Yoga High Five Fitness You Belong Here 16 Fredrico's Kitchen You Belong Here The Refugee Ken Allen Presents The Thorium Community Outlook Video - June 2022 You Belong Here 16 Drawing With Mark Sciengimatheploration Girls Talk TV The Garage Don't Be Fuelish - Janelle London presentation - 2018-04-30 Bulletin Board AACI Presents - A Musical Sojourn Ch. 75

*Note :
When no scheduled program is shown :
- Channels 26 & 29 show the Government Bulletin Board
- Channels 28, 30 & 75 show the Community Bulletin Board