Make Media

[pullquote]The Media Center is a place to fulfill your dreams, have creative fun, and get your message out to the community. You can either get training, borrow equipment, and use our facilities to craft your own videos or let us help you. [/pullquote]

We have digital video cameras, digital editing systems, a high-tech studio, and a control room to make available for your projects at nominal, subsidized rates.

No experience is necessary. We offer workshops to teach you how to operate all of our equipment. Come to a free Orientation. to get a tour and answers to all your questions.

For those who want to record and play back lectures, sports events, meetings, performances, etc., there are camcorders available for lending and editing areas where you can superimpose titles or trim your footage. The Media Center runs frequent workshops in field production and editing. You can also recruit volunteer videographers and editors to help you, from our list of previous workshop graduates.

USE THE STUDIO-recruit a crew
If you would like to set up a roundtable discussion, a poetry reading, a candidate debate, a town meeting, etc., then you can recruit a crew (8 persons) from a list of volunteers, and reserve the studio. A 2.5 hour block in the studio costs $75.

woman operating camera

If you would like to produce a monthly or a bi-weekly program, then you must recruit your own crew. The Media Center will provide training for you and your crew, and give you a regular studio production slot. A studio crew requires between five and nine persons depending on what type of production (how many cameras; whether you are taking calls etc.) You can also recruit crew persons from a list of those who have taken a Media Center studio production class.

These productions involve a number of shoots (to acquire different interviews, scenes, visuals etc.) and subsequent editing. Editing these more complex pieces usually involves narration, sound mixing, and sometimes animation work. It will require a longer commitment – perhaps 8 hours per week for several months.

BRING IN A PROGRAM If you have access to a program and have copyright clearance for the Media Center to air the video, you can get it scheduled on Channel 27, 28, or 30. There is no charge. Prerequisites: 1) you must live in our service area 2) you must fill out and sign a Program Playback Request Form.