[pullquote]We are able to offer many very reasonably priced video services at the Midpen Media Center because volunteers do a lot of the excellent work that we need to produce quality results. Our volunteers operate cameras and audio equipment, produce and direct shows, and participate in a variety of other jobs. [/pullquote]

You can volunteer in the studio, in the field, writing immigration stories, and more.

Volunteer Interest Form

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the online Volunteer Interest Form


You can get questions answered by contacting us.

Volunteering in the Studio

Almost every show we tape owes its existence to our dedicated team of volunteers. Volunteers run the cameras and the audio board, create the graphics, connect Skype callers, direct the shows, and almost everything else. You’ll find fun, camaraderie, a chance to learn skills, and a chance to be a part of lots of good television!

No experience is necessary. Our volunteers come to us with a wide range of technical abilities, from technophobes to vaunted Silicon Valley engineers, and they come from every walk of life, from high school students to senior citizens.

Studio Training

If you have never seen our facility, join us for a Meet the Media Center session.

Our equipment is professional (and expensive!), so we require new crew members to take our Comprehensive Television Studio Basics class. This can be waived if you already have relevant experience.

Volunteering on Studio Shows

Most of our studio shows are taped from 5:30 to 8:00 or from 8:00 to 10:30 on weeknights. We also do some shows on weekends and some shows at oddball hours. After you complete the class, you can choose to put yourself on a database of available volunteers. Producers use this database when recruiting crew members. If you don’t receive any calls from producers within a couple weeks of completing a class, call us, and we’ll get you started. You can also contact a specific producer directly by asking a Media Center staff person for the producer contact information for a particular show.

Volunteer for Field Production or Editing

We tape and edit video outside of our building (“in the field”), and we need camera, audio, and editing volunteers to help out. We get lots of calls from local organizations who would love to get an event taped, such as a guest speaker or a panel discussion. Studio producers also sometimes want field shots to augment their studio discussion. Get more information about the training and other opportunities we offer.

Non-production Volunteering Opportunities

The Media Center also has volunteer opportunities that are not video-related. We always need volunteers to help in the office, tape library, or with our computers.  Please fill out the online Volunteer Interest Form