Public Access Rates

All public access use of our studio or equipment requires the submission of a project contract. To reserve equipment for rental, please contact us.

To rent our studio, you must obtain a studio production certification through our Studio Production Basics workshop. To rent our video production equipment, you must obtain a video production certification through our Video Production Basics workshop OR demonstrate proficiency with the equipment by passing a certification test. For more information, or to schedule a certification test, please contact us.

Facility Use Fees

HD Studio (2.5 hrs timeslot) $75.00 for residents and orgs in our local cable service area.
$175.00 for residents of San Mateo or Santa Clara Counties outside of local cable service area.
$250 if outside both counties.
Edit Station in Classroom $7.50/hr
Edit Suite per hour $10/hr
With an Editing Assistant (Professional)-per hour $50.00
Dub Rack for Non-MC Programs $15/hr
Dub Rack for MC Programs $7.50/hr

Equipment Rental Fees

Local Coverage Kit
(Panasonic Camcorder, Tripod, Microphone)
$25 / weekday or weekend
Photography Kit
(Sony Mirrorless Camera, Tripod, Light Kit)
$25 / weekday or weekend
Filmmaking Kit
(Sony Mirrorless Camera, Tripod, Light Kit, Microphone)
$30 / weekday or weekend
Wireless or Wired Lavalier (w/2 9v batteries) $5.00 /day
Handheld Mics – Wired $5.00 /day
Shotgun Mic (w/boom poll-if avl.) $5.00 /day
Large Audio Mixer $10.00 /day
Small Audio Mixer $7.50 /day
Small Light Kit (2 lights) $10.00 /day
Light Kits (3 lights) $15.00 /day
Light Kits (4 lights) $20.00 /day
Reflector $5.00 /day
Soft Box $10.00 /day
Rifa 44 $10.00 /day
C-Stand w/head & arm $10.00 /day
Cardellini Clamp $6.00 /day
Sandbag – 10 lb. $1.00 /day
Monitor $5.00 /day
Video Projector (Access Rate) $25.00 /day
Projector (Non-Profit Rate) $50.00 /day
Extra Cable or Extension Cord $5.00 /day
Table or Floor Mic Stand $5.00 /day
Extra Tripod $5.00 /day
Video SD cards are for sale:
8GB $15; 16GB $25; 32GB $45