Studio Producers

[pullquote]Our up-to-date high-definition studio is the place to fulfill your dreams, have creative fun, and get your message out to the community.  Local citizens with ideas for shows collaborate with our staff and with volunteer crew-members to put together high-quality shows for distribution on our cable channels and on the internet.  Our studio is the perfect place to produce a roundtable discussion, an interview, a cooking show, a musical performance, and whatever you can imagine. with or without an audience, or town meetings. [/pullquote]

If have an idea for a show you’d like to produce in our studio, then click here because you’re a Producer.

If you’re not sure you want to run your own show, perhaps you’d like to be a volunteer crew member.


Here’s what’s in our High-Def Studio

Here’s a list of the equipment:Enneagram+Types+Television+Sho-1216151209-O

  • Three Hitachi Z-HD6000-ST1 Studio Cameras
  • Fourth Hitachi Z-HD6000-ST1 Studio Camera on a Jib!
  • Newtek Tricaster 8000 Production Switcher w/Multi-Camera Green Screen Capability
  • “Live Text” Graphics Station
  • Multitrack Audio recorder
  • 4 ISO Video Disk Recorders (capable of recording ProRes)
  • Soundcraft Si Performer 3 Digital Sound Mixer (with compressor on each bus)
  • 70” Interactive “Smart Board” with HD LED displayEnneagram+Types+Television+Sho-1215632790-O