Submission Guidelines

  1.  Create a Consistent, Sensible and Meaningful Program Title

Title the video file as follows with no spaces:  Program Name_Episode # (if relevant)_Episode Title
(if relevant) Examples:


  1. Fill Out the Program Playback Form

Once we have your form and media we will schedule your program. The form comes is two options:

Online form

    • (preferred option)

Paper form

    is available in the box in reception and in the Control Room.  Put completed form in the box in reception along with any physical media you have
  1. Submit Media in an Acceptable Format

Physical Media- Accepted forms are:

  • Playable DVD
  • DVCam tape
  • Mini DV tape

Digital Files –

    • From

Studio Productions

    (no edits.) Transferred by staff directly from the Studio Tricaster to our server as an MP4 file.

Edited Digital Files –

    • Studio Productions

that go into post and ALL field productions.

    Export at resolution: 720p 60 OR 1080i.  Once you have one of these two resolutions, the desired codecs and file wrappers are:
    • MPEG4 File – packaged as .MP4 or .MOV file. Video codec is H.264 aka AVC at 7-15 Mbps data rate. Audio codec is AAC
    • MPEG2 File – packaged as .MPG or .MOV file. Video codec is MPEG2 at 10-20 Mbps data rate. Audio codec is AAC or MPEG1
    • Standard Definition 480i
  1.  Delivering a Digital File
  • • From any Midpen Media Center classroom computer, you can transfer a file directly.  Instructions are posted in the classroom.
  • •Drop off a flash drive that is labeled with your name
  • •Drop off an Electronic file stored on a DVD or a BluRay disk. Please, NO BluRay disks playable in a BluRay Player accepted.
  • •Send a link to a file stored in your personal Dropbox to
  • •Share via Google Drive with
  • •Make sure you submit either a paper or online playback form when you submit your file
  1.  Playback on the Regional channel – for all edited products (does not apply to Tricaster files)
  • •We supply programming for a Santa Clara County based regional channel (Comcast 27)
  • •Check with Programming Manager to see if your content is suitable for the regional channel
  • •Then provide a second file in one of the following formats:
        • • H.264 720×480 AAC (audio) at 48 khz and 29.97 frames per second (Quicktime or .MOV wrapper)
        • •MPEG with MP2 Audio that produces an .MPEG file


      1.  Important Aesthetic and Technical Considerations
      • •Include only the broadcastable part of your program
      • •No color bars, no countdowns, no slates
      • •Include only a few seconds of black at the beginning/end of the program
      • •Deliver your content in its original aspect ratio
      • •No letterboxing 16:9 content to make it 4:3
      • •No pillarboxing 4:3 content to make it 16:9  
      • •Consider shooting your video in our preferred formats 720p 60 OR 1080i in the first place
      • •If you shoot in higher resolutions, e.g. 1080p60, 4K, etc. you will have to downconvert the video to 1080i or 720p 60 when preparing the file you send to us.
      • •720p 30 and 1080p 30 are not desirable broadcast formats. When they get converted for cable broadcast the slow frame rate becomes a visible distraction. If your source video is recorded at too low a resolution, too low a frame rate or is too heavily compressed, there is no way to “fix” that in postproduction.

Hot Tip – Download the free application “MediaInfo” software to review your file’s specifications in order to confirm that your video is in the right format before delivering it to us. Visit