MC Intern Wes Rapaport Reports on the Passing of a PALY Icon


The passing at the age of 89 of a Palo Alto High School icon was reported to the Paly community on InFocus, the Paly’s video news magazine. The story was reported by Wes Rapaport a Paly junior who is also an MC intern and prolific community producer for the MC. Wes produced the piece about Lue Phelps for the March 18th edition of In Focus. The segment about the beloved Lue Phelps, a tour de force in the world of scholastic records keeping, starts at about 2:12 into the video. Ms. Phelps worked at PALY for 35 years, up until 1 month before her demise on March 14. She was devoted to the kids at Paly and beloved by faculty and students alike. A memorial service will be held for Lue Phelps in the Paly Senior Court on April 8 at 2:15.

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