MC Producer Secures Sponsor

Sheryl Shaffer sports her new AMVETS cap, courtesy of her new sponsor.

Sheryl Shaffer the hardworking producer of over 100 episodes of Veterans Helping Veterans just secured sponsorship from AMVETS for the next ten episodes. AMVETS is the 4th largest Veterans organization in the US. On her own, Sheryl, herself a veteran, has made the trip up from SoCal once a month for the taping of VHV, which, as far as my research yields, appears to be the only TV show of its kind in the nation that deals exclusively with issues affecting Veterans. Sheryl wrote and submitted the 4 page grant application six months ago and she just found out about the award. Not only will AMVETS cover her costs at the Media Center to produce the show, but AMVETS will also cover her travel expenses and provide her with state of the art production equipment, including an HD video camera to support her field interviews and editing software. Sheryl told me yesterday she is on the lookout for a tech person as she believes her strengths are producing and interviewing. If you have an interest in Veteran related topics and might like to explore volunteering with Sheryl, please give us a call! Sheryl is so passionate about Veterans and it really shows in AMVETS’ choice of Veterans Helping Veterans to receive this coveted grant. Congratulations Sheryl. You do us all proud!

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