MC Staff & Youth Promote City’s “Carbon Neutral” Agenda

The Palo Alto City Council voted last week to  take a big step down the path to a carbon-free future.  Palo Alto is one of the few places on earth  committed to using completely carbon neutral electricity from now on!

In order to spread the word, the Media Center staff and youth partnered with the city to produce a Carbon Neutral rap video about this new initiative.

The lyrics were written by Debra Katz Utilities Communications Manager for the City of Palo Alto and the rap was composed and performed by Sean Lee, a member of the Media Center’s Youth Advisory Council.  MC staff members who worked on the project were Becky Sanders, Scott Van Duyne, Jarred Hodgdon and Doug Kreitz.

Just have to point out that we were able to pull this together so fast because we have all these great people in house.  Looking for video support and pros at the MC Center is like looking for nature at Yosemite.  It’s organic!

For further reading, the Press Release from the City.


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