MC Volunteer Brian Good Worked On Documentary Premiering July 9

One reason we haven’t seen as much of Brian Good these days in the studio is that for the last year he has been been doing more-than-full-time work on a 95-minute documentary production that interviews 50 experts in structural engineering, fire protection, chemistry,  physics, psychology, and scientific methodology.  It’s called “9/11 Explosive 
Evidence: Experts Speak Out.” 

Brian did animations and scriptwriting and fact-checking that took out some 
excessive claims.  A few assertions remain with which he says he is not totally comfortable, but he beleives these assertions all deserve fair consideration–and the base claims are solid.The movie is screening in Alameda on Monday July 9, and in San Francisco
on July 11.  

At both of these screenings 4 of the experts will be present:  Kamal Obeid, 
structural engineer; Les Young and Robert McCoy, high-rise architects; and
 Roland Angle, civil engineer (he used to design blast-proof missile silos).

 If you want to carpool with Brian, please send an email to and she’ll put you in touch with Brian.

Congratulations Brian!

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