Media Center Launches Video Aggregation Library!

You’ll notice a new feature on the Front Page of our website — a “widget” featuring three community videos.  Not every video is necessarily Media Center produced.  But each one is a portal to a brave new world.  If you click on one of these videos to watch, you will be carried to our new video library site.  Hosted by our friends at  “Miro”,  we are able to aggregate video content from all over the Peninsula and bring it to you.   If you want meaningful placed-based content, look no further.   You can browse the site and even search for topics and keywords that you are interested in.  And you can even submit a video to us to add.

This is a curated site so we are specifically avoiding commercial content like house tours that are made by realtors and promotional videos for local businesses.  Turns out there is a heck of a lot of video content out there right here on the Peninsula and not all of it is “great”.  We’re straining out the dross as best we can, but then we don’t want to be too severe — because what’s dross to one might be nectar to another.  So help us out.  Tell us what you like and what you don’t.  Next time you settle in for an evening of good video watching,  consider watching our Miro channel.  Please post comments and flag content you think should not have slipped passed us.  And suggest ways to improve our presentation as well.

We must first off thank people like Anna Jonas at the Participatory Culture Foundation.  They make “open tools for shared culture.”  Anna supported us through the development of the site.  Miro’s video aggregation tools are provided to non-profits for free.  We also thank Stan Ng for implementing the Miro widget onto our website and to Haelin Cho, one of our high school interns who is curating the site for us.

It looks simple and it is; however, it takes a lot of people to make the Media Center world turn on its axis.  We’re delighted we can collect and curate our locally produced videos.   We hope you enjoy the new video library and we look forward to your feedback.

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