Media Center to Carry Popular Local Sports Show

The Media Center has “negotiated” with PenTV in San Carlos to bring you HOOKED ON NINERS, the popular weekly half hour football show produced by PenTV. The negotiations took place between Liz LaPorte up at PenTV and me. She asked, “Would you like to run the program?” and I said, “You Bet”. This is the beauty of public access, folks. We bring you commercial free, locally produced programming.

Hooked on Niners brings together local football experts and enthusiasts to roundtable the previous week’s game. It is really fun to watch!

This week’s show was taped Tuesday and we will be airing it tonight @ 10:30 pm, tomorrow at 9:30 pm and on Sunday at 6:30 am on Channel 28.

After this weekend’s debut, the show will run regularly on Channel 28 on Saturday night at 7:00 pm and on Sunday mornings at 6:30 am.

Check out PenTV for more information about the show.

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