Meet Our New Board Members

By Eva Barrows

We are excited to welcome two new members to our Board of Directors. The Midpen Media Center will benefit greatly from their professional expertise and invaluable guidance as our organization continues to grow and innovate.

Tilak Kasturi is the Founder and CEO of Predii, an AI software company in Palo Alto. As an innovative entrepreneur and engineer, Tilak has worked with companies that provide enterprise solutions with capabilities spanning automotive predictive maintenance to the management of complex cancer treatments. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and an MBA. 

Tilak and his wife Sailaja took workshops several years ago at Midpen Media and his daughter Nitya joined the Youth Media Corp. “Nitya and her friends from Gunn High School worked with our city Mayor and produced videos covering infrastructure in Palo Alto. The Midpen Media center is a great platform for our youth to help shape the future of our community and have fun!” says Tilak. Now he’s back to contribute as a board member. “I am super excited to be part of the board. I am looking forward to tackling new challenges and empowering our community.”

Chuck Alley is a media professional skilled in many areas. He has a degree in Film & Television Production and currently works as a producer of a live stream broadcast. Through interviews with leaders in high-tech, the broadcast spotlights the latest advances in technology innovation. When Chuck worked on staff at Midpen Media, he was instrumental in creating the MC Sports youth broadcasting program. “It’s a great head start program for media-oriented youth,” says Chuck.

Among other reasons, Chuck decided to become a Midpen Media board member because of the resources we provide to the community. “The Midpen Media Center is a place where individuals of all ages, with little or no media experience, can explore their media interests through volunteering and taking classes.” As a new member, Chuck wants to support the organization any way he can. “I want to help spread the word about the opportunities that Midpen Media has to offer, as well as drive new interest and fundraising.”