Meet UNAFF’s Documentary Filmmakers

The United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF) went virtual this year, screening documentary films from 60 filmmakers online between October 15th and October 25th. The 23rd annual festival’s theme was “The Power of Empathy.” Midpen Media, a long time UNAFF partner, helped Festival Founder and Director Jasmina Bojic conduct a Zoom-based panel interview with three of the festival’s filmmakers.

Director and Producer of The Boys Who Said No! Judith Ehrlich captured the upheaval of the draft resistance to fighting in the Vietnam war. Cirque du Cambodia follows two Cambodian circus performers who translate their country’s rough past into gymnastic movement. Filmmaker Joel Gershon documented them on their journey to becoming Cirque du Soleil performers. Producer Rick Stack presented a clip from his film In The Executioner’s Shadow, which asks the question, can justice be found through the death penalty?

Watch this year’s UNAFF interview with the filmmakers: