Midpen Media Center Announces New Board President

photo: Sue Purdy Pelosi (left) & Barbara Noparstak (right)


By Eva Barrows

Midpen Media Center is pleased to welcome Sue Purdy Pelosi to her new position as board president, taking office in January 2018. Barbara Noparstak served ten years as Midpen Media Center’s previous board president and was deeply involved in ensuring community media access for all. Pelosi looks forward to continuing Noparstak’s community outreach.

Pelosi is joined by Less Lincoln as the new board vice president. Lincoln has served on the board since 2015 and has a deep personal interest in video production and extensive professional experience in organizational development. Pelosi looks forward to working with the Executive Director, Keri Stokstad , “Stokstad has the perfect combination of community access leadership at the national level, commitment to building Midpen Media Center’s local and expanding alliances and some truly great technical skills.”

Stokstad says, “This organization is fortunate to have very dedicated board members who are passionate about their communities. Each member brings specific expertise that has contributed to our enduring success. I am grateful to Barbara for her guidance in my first few months on the job. The entire Midpen Media Center staff looks forward to working with Sue, who served in the Vice President role for two and a half years, and Less. They both bring new and exciting skills to their respective roles.”

Pelosi shares “What I like the most about Midpen Media Center is the random intersection of ideas, activities and energy that happens when people get together.” A graduate of Midpen Media Center’s studio class, Pelosi was impressed by her classmates – all from different communities, age groups and life experiences – coming together to create a TV show. “I see that happening all over the place at the Midpen Media Center and that’s fabulous.” Providing the opportunity to join a team united by a common goal to produce TV is one of Midpen Media Center’s many strengths. “When kids get together to do sports broadcasting in the field, it really helps connect kids from different schools and different parts of our broadcast area.” It’s important, Pelosi says, to encourage people to communicate outside of their known paths.

Pelosi is committed to the strategic initiative of increasing the Midpen Media Center’s reputation as a national leader in community media, and essential resource for the Atherton, East Palo Alto, Palo Alto and Menlo Park communities and San Mateo and Santa Clara county service areas. The Midpen Media Center is a vital community and city government connector. Pelosi says, “It’s incredibly important for us to be doing government services work broadcasting all of the city hall meetings.” Coverage of local elections and events by groups like the League of Women Voters helps ensure freedom of information. “The Midpen Media Center has always been open to programming that allows people to exercise their first amendment rights.”

As a volunteer judge for Midpen Media Center’s Local Heroes submissions and the Zoomies awards, Pelosi has screened a lot of great media content. “I’m always so impressed and delighted with the creativity and the dedication that goes into them.” Each submission shares a learning experience with the viewer whether it’s about art, travel or a notable person. As board president, Pelosi is committed to working with the board and ED Stokstad to ensure that future strategic initiatives will support helping people tell their stories through access to the Midpen Media Center.

Outgoing board president Barbara Noparstak has been a dedicated community-building leader at Midpen Media Center. “It’s just astonishing how intensely Barbara cares about the Midpen Media Center, and how that led directly to her leadership for ten full years,” says Pelosi. Noparstak served as president during significant milestones for the organization, including the HD studio conversion, development of the MC Sports program and the creation of MC ProServices. She shepherded the strategic planning process and provided stability during an extensive executive director search.

The entire board is engaged in working together with staff to lead the Midpen Media Center in this new chapter.
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