Midpen Voices: Monthly Article Series

Midpen Media is proud to launch its new editorial writing program, Midpen Voices! This series of monthly articles is an opportunity for our community to become better acquainted with the Midpen Media team by creating an online space hosting articles on various topics of personal relevance to our team members. Articles will discuss topics everywhere from the Black Lives Matter movement to personal media-making equipment recommendations.

Our first featured article was written by Special Projects Manager Emily Parent. Titled “5 Ways Your Local Community Media Center Can Boost the Signal of Social Change,” this piece considers the potential resources and tools that Community Media organizations can offer to community members in times of political unrest and demands for change. It also invites us to reflect on ways that we, as members of our community, can look to media accessibility and education programs as opportunities to broadcast the messages and movements that we feel are important. Read the full article on LinkedIn!