(Western Access Video Excellence)
Scroll down and view the Finalist videos from Midpen’s community producers and crew – as well as staff.

Category: Community Issues- Youth

“Success: A Veteran’s Guide” – Neel Dhavale,

Category: Informational Lifestyle- Community Producer
Ask Dr. Business: Jobs that Require Travel, Roy Blitzer,

Category: Informational Talk Show- Professional
Guys and Grief: Healing Stories of Sibling Loss, Gloria Horsley,

Category: Informational Talk Show- Youth
Success: A Veteran’s Guide , Neel Dhavale,

Category: Dramatic Film Short- Community Producer
The Box, Mark Keavney,

Category: Webisode- Youth
Success: A Veteran’s Guide, Neel Dhavale

Category: Accessibility-Abled Programming- Community Producer
Abilities United Presents: Community Connections with Dr Temple Grandin Part 2, Andrea Throndson

Category: Spiritual/Inspirational- Community Producer
The Death of Balder, Norse God of Truth and Light, Virginia Anderson, MidPenMedia:

Category: Special Audience Programming- Community Producer
Veteran Advocates, Sheryl Shaffer

Category: Instructional/DIY- Community Producer
Talk Art:Lessa Bouchard—Interdisciplinary Media Artist , Nancy Wheeler,

Category: Instructional/DIY- Community Producer
Yoga for Better Digestion, Patricia Becker

Category: Instructional/DIY- Community Producer
Talk Art:Michael Endicott
Urban Nature Impressionist , Nancy Wheeler,

Category: Music Programming- Professional
MC Studio Session: KB’s Drifters Experience, Karen Adams

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