Midpen Media Migrations: Moonlight Run and Walk

A few weeks ago, staff members Nicole McClain and Emily Parent tabled at the annual Moonlight Run and Walk for the Palo Alto Weekly Fund. The event took place at the Baylands Athletic Center on the baseball field.

Nicole: Members of the staff got to do something fun a few Fridays ago. As a fundee of the Palo Alto Weekly Fund, Midpen Media got the chance to have a table at their annual Moonlight Run and Walk. Emily and I decided to represent. The event takes place at the Baylands Athletic Center right on the baseball field. The event is broken into three phases: a walk, a 5K, and a 10K. The walk was by far the most interesting, bringing in lots of folks from toddlers to elders and everything in between. It was nice to see all the families. Lots of people bring their dogs, too. The dogs aren’t allowed to participate in the walk and runs, but that didn’t keep people from bringing the family pet out for a night of family fun. They kept things for participants upbeat, even going so far as to have a DJ and someone leading each group in a Zumba warm-up. They even had vegan snacks! The networking was good too. Between meeting the event sponsors and folks from other nonprofits, it was a good night. The weather was cooperative, too. The site was just close enough to the water that we got a nice evening breeze. We even got an event t-shirt – long sleeve cotton.