National Program, 4/6 Tue Eve, Features Palo Alto Students

Tomorrow evening (Tuesday, April 6) at 8:30 PM, a new documentary involving Palo Alto high school students, will air on cable Channel 27. (You can view the webstream in real time here.) The documentary, entitled “Communities Uniting Against Hate,” was produced as part of a series called “Not In Our Town”, by the Oakland, CA – based “Working Group.” It features stories from Palo Alto, Fremont, CA, Olympia, WA, Fort Collins, CO, Cleveland, OH and Southern Missouri. The program is being distributed by Link TV.

Not In Our Town (NIOT)
is a national movement that encourages and connects people who are responding to hate and working to build more inclusive communities.

Following “Communities Uniting Against Hate,” the first NIOT documentary, entitled “Not In Our Town: Billings,” will air on Channel 27 at 9:00 PM. That was a PBS documentary that told the story of how people in Billings, Montana joined together to respond to a series of hate crimes in their town. This simple, powerful story of citizens banding together struck a chord with audiences, and created a model that inspired viewers around the country to hold their own campaigns against intolerance. Now in its second decade, the Not In Our Town movement continues to grow.

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