Navigating Life with Abilities
United’s New Podcast

By Eva Barrows

On a meditative walk through nature, longtime Abilities United Presents Community Connections television producer Andrea Throndson came up with the idea to start a podcast to better serve the disabled community. Producing a podcast was a perfect way to be available to Abilities Unitedclients on a 24-hour basis and increase community outreach.

The two podcast episodes already available have been a huge hit with clients, families, staff and the general public. So far Throndson has covered the topics of Dealing with Transitions and Navigating the Holidays, anxiety causing situations nearly everyone can relate to. Solutions: Navigating Life, the 10-minute monthly podcast episodes, “Will give people a sense of “biggerness” because sometimes we get lost in the “me” show.” Throndson believes it is important to sometimes see the bigger picture.

The podcast episode structure drives the listener’s journey to overcome daily obstacles by introducing the topic, getting into the discussion, providing a “tool box” of solutions and “pockets of joy” small things listeners are thankful for. Throndson develops podcast topics with Abilities United staff, making sure to share her own experiences to demonstrate a real struggle for listeners to relate to. Tool box solutions focus on creating structure and boundaries to feel safe while also trying new things and situations.

An Abilities United client, Throndson shares, recently had a hard day and got into trouble. They went into their bedroom, laid down and listened to the podcast. When they heard her familiar voice, it helped calm them down. The podcast is a service meant to improve people’s quality of life. Throndson says if one person’s life is made better, it makes an important difference.

Upcoming podcasts will focus on “Triumph over Tragedy” and will feature possible guests like Bryan Stow, Dr. Temple Grandin and California wildfire victims about overcoming tragic events. Throndson records the Abilities United podcast at the Midpen Media Center in the new audio ready Whisper Room with the ProServices ( production team. Listen to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play or Spotify.

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