Net Neutrality – Part 2

At what point will people agitate for Net Neutrality? After they notice that their wired services are being interfered with? When their connection is painfully slow or completely blocked from accessing some sites? When they are forced to pay for inferior services because the free and preferred service is blocked? Sounds like today’s “cable service” doesn’t it folks? Remember all the promises of yesteryear when Cable TV would be kept affordable? Do you remember paying $10/month and getting it all? I do!

Looks like the erosion of a free and open internet has begun in earnest. Among other negatives, FCC action yesterday is creating two Internets — one for wired and one for wireless. Wireless services are poised to take a pounding here. So even though Obama promised us a free and open internet, looks like he’s back pedaled a bit.

We try not to be political, but this is a real threat to our open society, folks! And being in the Media Business we can’t help but be wary of the FCC action, which seems to have a lot in it to benefit big companies like AT&T. In fact, does anyone know who penned the existing legislation? If you want to get involved, it’s never too late. You can see us for talking points and contact your congressional reps and the FCC. And educate yourself: here’s a LINK to the clip from Democracy Now yesterday and their discussion of Net Neutrality.

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