If you see a guy in the equipment room and he doesn’t have red hair, it might be Devon Dykwel. He recently completed the ZOOM IN workshop and guess what? Devon’s an equipment enthusiast. So he is now assisting Jeff McGinnis in the Equipment Room. We are pleased to be able to roll out Monday-Friday service! Hours are still 5-7 pm, but the set up is different:

Equipment Returns – 5-6 pm
Equipment Check-Out – 6-7 pm
Equipment rental duration will be for one day and Friday rentals will carry over through the weekend.
SONY TRV900 – Weekday $10, Friday-Monday $15
PANASONIC AG-HMC40 Hi Def – Weekday $15, Friday-Monday $20
Come by and check out our new HD cameras! And meet Devon!
Got questions: Call 494-8686 ext. 13 or email

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