New Production Truck Hits the Road

By Eva Barrows

Did you know our new production truck is already zooming around the community covering youth sports? While filming local varsity basketball games our MC Sports crew is developing current production skills learning how to use the new HD equipment. Some of the gear is tricky to handle like the 3-Play replay system where any of four cameras’ feed can be played back during game action. While other features like graphics and tri-caster are easier than the previous versions and they’re fun with sleek built in effects to play with.

Current MC Sports youth crew members will be officially trained on the new production truck equipment within the next few months. Adults looking to cover community events are welcomed to train as well. Contact Sara Bennett ( if you’re interested in learning our industry standard HD production truck equipment.

MC Sports: Palo Alto vs Wilcox Girls Varsity Basketball, Jan 18 2019

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