New Series Focuses on East Palo Alto

by Becky Sanders

The students of the most recent studio production workshop chose a talk show format production for their class project.   Hosted by Isiah Moody, the show’s mission is to do some myth-busting around Isiah’s hometown of East Palo Alto.  The East Palo Alto that Isiah knows is an amazing community, often misunderstood and misrepresented by other communities and by the Press.  As the son of EPA Mayor Larry Moody, Isiah knows first hand the challenges the city government faces when polishing the city’s tarnished image.

Moody hopes his new show The Sit Down will “help blast stereotypes” and bring about “intense conversations that go deep into issues surrounding EPA in order to combat people’s misconceptions and preconceptions.”  The debut show features guests Goro Mitchell, an EPA Sanitary District Board Member and Mayor Larry Moody.  This episode takes a hard look at the legacy of EPA’s checkered history as a hub of gang violence and explores today’s EPA as a community rich in families, diversity, culture and arts.

Isiah Moody grew up in East Palo Alto and thinks it’s the best place to live bar none.  He currently works parttime at a children’s fitness center.  Isiah is seeking community partners to help him produce the series.  Contact or reach Isiah through Facebook for more information.

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