MAKE THE CALL was featured in today’s New York Times. Make the Call is a co-production of the Media Center and the East Palo Alto Police department. Former judge Ladoris Cordell interviews families whose lives have been shattered by the murder of a loved one. Make the Call is aimed at combatting the gang rule against snitching and urges citizens to take control of their community by being the witness that solves the crime. In our most recent episode, activist and social worker David Lewis made a guest appearance. The tragic irony is that David himself was murdered in June. His contribution to our community was incalculable. Here’s a link to the article online. And you can watch Make the Call and see community hero David Lewis at these times.

One thought on “NEW YORK TIMES Praise for MAKE THE CALL!

  1. Becky Sanders

    Actually, Make the Call Episode 1 featured David Lewis. The current episode of Make the Call (Episode 4) does not feature David Lewis. We will be running the David Lewis Episode beginning Labor Day weekend on Channel 27, so please check our schedule pages for exact time and date to watch MAKE THE CALL, Episode 1.


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