Newsletter Gets a New Editor!

For several years, we outsourced our newsletter to freelancer Eva Barrows, but with the reduction in workforce and necessary cost-cutting measures in early 2020, we brought the newsletter in-house in January 2020 where it was produced primarily by Special Projects Manager Emily Parent. Writing the newsletter during the pandemic brought its own challenges as the facility wasn’t open and we had fewer productions to write about. However, as we began to make organizational changes and started ramping up activities with producers using Zoom and our producing our own panels, we’ve been able to focus more on what is happening within our own community.

This summer we offered three very successful summer camps and we’re looking forward to welcoming folks back with tours and an open house this Fall. We also can’t wait to welcome our producers and volunteers back and to feature more stories about them. Along with that change, Emily’s special projects are evolving to better address these audiences’ needs.

We are fortunate to have brought on a talented new marketing intern, Evan Warren, who is an outstanding writer and graphic artist, in May 2021. Evan practiced his in-progress English and Theatre major before coming to Midpen and is excited to transfer his skills into Midpen’s marketing department. He’s been working on the newsletter for a few months and is now taking it over. We’ll be focusing more on you, our producers and volunteers, while still bringing you updates on what is happening around Midpen Media. If you’ve got story ideas you’d like to share, please email Evan at We look forward to covering more of your stories!

written by Joanne Sperans.