OTHER VOICES: The Revolution in Egypt and the Prospects for Palestine (taped 2/1/2011) By Paul George, Producer, Other Voices

Perhaps the most critical question to arise from the inspiring events in Egypt is this: What will this upheaval mean for the rest of the region? On this month’s edition of Other Voices we try to answer that question as it applies to the most persistent hotspot in the Middle East: the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Egypt is a major partner in the ongoing negotiations among Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and the United States. If a significant change in the Egyptian government comes about because of the democratic uprising of its people, what effect might that have on future negotiations?

Our guest is Khalil Barhoum, a linguist and Senior Lecturer at Stanford University, where he is the Coordinator of the Program in Arabic and African Languages and Literatures. Born in Bethlehem, Palestine, Barhoum is a lifelong activist in the Palestinian struggle for human rights. He is a passionate and keen observer of the decades-long conflict that seems to defy resolution.

The discussion also turns to the so-called “Palestine Papers” – official accounts of negotiating sessions that were recently leaked to the Al Jazeera news network. The Papers are stunning in what they reveal about the real behind-the-scenes action inside the negotiating rooms.

As always, the program includes lively and well-informed questions and comments from our in-studio audience members and phone calls from viewers at home.

This particular edition of Other Voices serves as good example of the benefits of broadcasting live – which is exactly what we do every month. Dr. Barhoum was originally invited to discuss the Palestine Papers, which at the time constituted the “big story” coming out of the region. But then the streets of Cairo and Alexandria erupted just days before our air date. We were able to rapidly switch gears to cover what just may prove to be the “big story” of the year. Broadcasting live can be nerve-wracking, but there are times, like now, when it is well worth it.

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(Pictured above: Dr. Barhoum & Paul George)

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