Our Gratitude to Barbara Noparstak for 17 Years of Dedicated Board Service

Long-term board member Barbara Noparstak is stepping down from the Midpen Media Board of Directors after representing San Mateo County since 2002, and serving as President from 2007 through 2017. “Barbara has been deeply involved in ensuring community access for everyone throughout her tenure,” said Executive Director Keri Stokstad. “She’s had a special passion for including East Palo Alto organizations and individuals and has assured us that she will continue to champion the organization and volunteer her time when she is able to.”

Barbara served as president during numerous major organizational milestones, including the HD studio conversion, development of the MC Sports program and the creation of MC Pro Services, one of the organization’s fastest-growing initiatives. She also shepherded the strategic planning process and provided stability during the extensive executive director search in 2017.

“I’m truly impressed with and appreciative of Barbara’s dedication to Midpen Media,” said Board President Sue Purdy Pelosi. “She was an essential presence in the formative years of Midpen Media Center, and as she herself noted in her parting letter; she was a steadfast advocate for the Media Center and she is proud of what we have accomplished. She has helped us flourish over the years with her commitment to building an inclusive community and championing creative new programs and a youth initiative for the organization.”

We thank Barbara for her years of service and wish her well with her future endeavors!