PA Int’l Film Festival Coverage!


Academy Award Winning Editor and Sound Designer
Walter Murch


It’s Thursday September 29 and we’re setting up over here at Talent House at 542 High Street in downtown Palo Alto.  “We” is comprised of Stan, Scott and Becky.  We have the portable studio, the “tricaster’ with us and we will be streaming live many of the guest speakers presenting at the inaugural Palo Alto International Film Festival. Once the panels kick off, you can find us on the PAIFF Ustream website.  (    Check out the entire festival at  And here is the link to the full description of the panelists.  Please note not all speakers will be streaming.   If you come down to Talenthouse and peek through the windows, you’ll see our amazing volunteers hard at work having fun in support of the great staff and volunteers at PAIFF.  In addition to Scott and Stan, you may see Cathy Keys, Ilena Ferrar, Bobby Chastain (of KMVT) and Doug Kreitz.  It’s great fun teaming with this talented and enthusiastic group of producers — many of whom are “refugees” from Sundance including Michael Bodie who is doing our directing this weekend.
Friday September 30
2 pm Tim Draper – The Future of Media
3 pm Sunil Rajaraman
4 pm Saad Khan, Sunil Rajarama on “How Much Is Your Deal Worth?”
5:30 pm Jasmina Bojic (yes from UNAFF!), Santhosh Daniel, Alesia Weston on “Global Cinema Tomorrow”
7 pm Encyclopedia Pictura
Saturday October 1
3:15 Paul Debevec , Pioneer in Virtual Cinematography
4:15 Steven Gaydos – “Writing the Road to Nowhere”
5:15 Uwe Bergmann – Photographing Molecular Particles, Steven Gaydos
5:30 Stuart Bowling – Advances in Cinema Image and Surround Sound
6:00 Jim Helman – Hollywood in a Digital World
6:30 Jens Peter Wittenburg – Beyond 3D
10:30 am Britt Bensen, Dale Djerassi, John McCream Danae Ringelmann, Michael Murphy on “Digital Filmmaking & Distribution”
12 pm Nickhil Jakatdar  – The Future of Mobile and Movies
12:30 pm Brett Crockett – Delivering Cinema Sound to Mobile Devices
3 pm John Gaeta – Interfacing with Media
4 pm Santhosh Daniel, Hannah Eaves, Katie Gillum, Matthew Meschery, Michella Rivera-Gravage, Tanya Marie Vlach on “Ditching the Digital Divide”
5 pm
See you online or see you here!
And a special shout out to Aaron Selverston of Palo Alto Patch for introducing me to Alex Ippolite and Alf Seccombe and putting the whole thing in motion!

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