Palo Alto Expanded Community Advisory Panel

October 16th, 2019


Call to Order

  1. Roll Call

2. Oral Communications



3. Discussion: Review of Technical Evaluations

a. Outstanding Information for Churchill: i. Queue Lengths at Churchill (“unclearable queues”)

b. Review Draft Fact Sheets for Five (5) of the Seven (7) Current Alternatives/Options

c. Summary of Technical Action Items and Snapshot of Workplan



4. Action: XCAP Organization

a. Election of Vice Chair

b. Review the Guiding Principles adopted at the last meeting and consider approval of an amendment clarifying language about how consensus is reached.

c. Approval of XCAP Meeting Schedule



5. Discussion: XCAP Wrap Up and Community Conversations Summary

6. Future Meeting Topics and November 7th, Community Meeting

7. Adjourn

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