Palo Alto Expanded Community Advisory Panel

May 6th, 2020


Call to Order

  1. Roll Call

2. Oral Communications



3. Action: Approve Workplan and Estimated Timeline Updates in Light of COVID‐19

a. Attachment: Memo and Attachment A – Estimated XCAP Schedule



4. Action: Review and Approve Follow-Up on the List of XCAP Questions

a. Attachment: Info Report – Staff Update Follow-Up to XCAP Questions



5. Action: Review Impacts of Caltrain Emails Related to 4 Tracks and any necessary action

a. Attachment: Caltrain Responses (Emails) Regarding Encroachment



6. Discussion: Review and Approve Chair’s XCAP Update #5 to City Council, tentatively scheduled for May 18th.

a. Attachment: Draft of XCAP Update #5 to City Council for May 18, 2020

b. Attachment: Staff Report and XCAP Update #4 to City Council from March 16, 2020



7. XCAP Member Updates and Working Groups Updates

8. Staff Updates

9. Adjourn

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