Palo Alto Unified School District Board Meeting

March 10th, 2015


Open Session / Reports

A. Approval of Agenda Order

B. Superintendent’s Report – Student and Staff Successes

C. Student Board Member Reports



Approval of Consent Calendar

A. Certified Personnel Actions It is recommended the Board approve the certificated personnel actions as presented.

B. Classified Personnel Actions It is recommended the Board approve the classified personnel actions as presented

C. Board Policy Updates It is recommended the Board adopt Board Policies 6000, 6141, and 6142.94, and Exhibit 9323.2. This item was discussed at the February 24, 2015, regular meeting.

Open Forum



Action / Discussion / Information Items

A. Approval Single Plans for Student Achievement (SPSA) Budgets and Acceptance of Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Plans for both for Palo Alto and Gunn High Schools The Board will consider taking action to approve the SPSA Budgets and accept the WASC Plans as presented. These reports were discussed at the special meeting of the Board on February 20, 2015, and tabled at the regular meeting of February 24, 2015, for additional discussion.



B. 2014-15 Second Interim Financial Report The Board will consider approving the Second Interim report, giving a positive certification to the County Superintendent and to approve the budget revisions listed in the projected year totals. This item was discussed at the February 24, 2015, regular meeting.

C. Update on 2014-15 Board of Education Goals The Superintendent will present an update on the progress for the current school year’s goals.



D. Authorization to Purchase Apple and Chromebook Computers The Board will consider authorizing staff to purchase up to $1,121,000 of Apple devices and up to $510,000 of Dell Chromebook devices. This item was discussed at the January 24, 2015, regular meeting.

Board Members’ Report / Correspondence / Board / Operations / Recognition

A. Reports

B. Correspondence

C. Operations

D. Acknowledgements and Recognition

E. Board Calendar


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