Palo Alto Unified School District Board Meeting

March 22nd, 2016

*NOTE: Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties there is no audio for the first 37 minutes of this meeting. We apologize or any inconvenience this may have caused.

Open Session / Reports

A. Approval of Agenda Order

B. Superintendent’s Report

C. Student Board Member Reports



Approval of Consent Calendar

A. Certificated Personnel Actions

It is recommended the Board approve the certificated personnel actions as presented.

B. Classified Personnel Actions

It is recommended the Board approve the classified personnel actions as presented.

C. Approval of Warrants

It is recommended the Board approve the warrants for February 2016 as presented.

D. Approval of Strong Schools Bond Change Orders

It is recommended the Board approve the Strong Schools Bond change orders for February 2016 as presented.

E. Joint Use Agreement with City of Palo Alto on District-Owned Facilities

It is recommended the Board of Education approve the renewal of the agreement between the City and the District concerning the public use, brokering and maintenance of District-owned athletic fields, tennis courts and basketball courts to December 31, 2017.

Open Forum



Action / Discussion / Information Items

A. Additional Resource Allocations for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017

The Board will discuss and prioritize additional resource allocations for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.



B. Appointment of Independent Auditors for 2015-2016

The Board will discuss the appointment of Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co. as the district independent financial auditor and Christy White Accountancy Corporation as the performance auditor for the Strong Schools Bond program.



C. Change in the Accounting Procedures for Bond Fund 212 and 216

The Board will discuss a technical change to the accounting for Board funds.



D. Extension of Site Leases – Garland Site to Stratford Schools and 525 San Antonio to Athena Academy

The Board will discuss extending the leases for the two sites until June 30, 2018.



E. Approval of Paint Gunn HS Project, Budget, and Authorization to Bid

The Board will discuss approving the proposed paint scheme for Gunn High School and authorizing staff to solicit bids. This item was discussed at its March 8, 2016 meeting.

F. Modification of Gunn Portables to Accommodate Music Classrooms

Staff will present information to the Board on Gunn’s current portables that will be combined to allow for larger music classes. The Board is being asked to consider waiving its two meeting rule for approval.



G. Authorization to Seek Bid for Summer Maintenance Projects

The Board will discuss authorizing summer maintenance projects for multiple school sites.

H. Award of Contract for the Gunn Lighting Project

The Board will take action to approve the bid for exterior lighting at Gunn High School. This item was discussed at its February 9, 2016 meeting.



I. Resolution Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of the Next Series of Strong Schools Bonds

The Board will review a resolution that will authorize the sale of Strong Schools Bonds and discuss the use of these bond funds.



J. Strong Start Resolution

The Board will consider a resolution for PAUSD to support and endorse Strong Start of Santa Clara County and its commitment to expanding access to high quality early learning opportunities for all children ages 0 to 8 in the County.



K. Evolve Resolution

The Board will consider a resolution that supports efforts to modify how the values of commercial properties in California are reassessed while maintaining Proposition 13 protections for residential properties and small businesses.



L. Board Policy Review Committee (BPRC) Meeting – March 31, 2016

A matrix of the policies proposed for discussion at the next BPRC meeting is included for informational purposes.



Board Members’ Reports / Correspondence / Board Operations / Recognition

A. Reports

B. Correspondence

C. Operations

D. Acknowledgements and Recognition

E. Board Calendar


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