Palo Alto Unified School District Board Meeting

December 9th, 2014


Annual Organization Meeting

A. Oath of Office Newly elected Board members Terry Godfrey and Ken Dauber will be administered the oath of office by Superintendent Dr. Glenn “Max” McGee

B. Election of Officers The Board will elect its President for 2015. The new President will assume the office immediately following this action. The Board will then elect a Vice President/Clerk, followed by the election for Secretary. (Board Bylaw 9122 designates the Superintendent as Secretary.)

C. Naming the Board Representative for the County Committee This representative votes on behalf of the Board for open seats on the Santa Clara County Committee. This traditionally has been assigned to the Board President.

D. 2015 Board of Education Committee Assignments The Board will determine committee representation for its members for the 2015 calendar year.

E. Board School and Program Reassignments The Board will determine school and program reassignments, for vacancies left by the two outgoing Board members, for the balance of the 2014-15 school year.

F. Approval of Certified Statement of All Votes Cast California Elections Code 15372 requires the Board to accept the statement as prepared by the Santa Clara County Elections Official.





Open Session / Reports

A. Approval of Agenda Order

B. Superintendent’s Report

C. Student Board Member Reports





Approval of Consent Calendar

A. Certificated Personnel Actions It is recommended the Board approve the certificated personnel actions as presented.

B. Classified Personnel Actions It is recommended the Board approve the classified personnel actions as presented.

C. Approval of Warrants It is recommended the Board approve the warrants for November 2014.

D. Approval of Change Orders It is recommended the Board approve the change orders for November 2014.

Open Forum





Action / Discussion / Information Items

A. Approval of Program Change and Revised Schematic Design for the Central Building Project at Gunn High School The Board will discuss approval of the proposed program change and revised schematic design for the Central Building Project at Gunn High School.





B. Key Findings of the 2013-14 California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) and the 2014-15 Palo Alto Reality Check (PARC) Survey Staff will present the results of the CHKS and PARC surveys which are used to guide program and to shape school improvement work.





C. Enrollment Projection Staff will present an update to enrollment projections and present the Demographer’s report.





D. Update on 2014-15 Board of Education Goals The Superintendent will present an update on progress toward measures and deliverables.





E. 2014-15 First Interim Financial Report The Board will Consider approving a positive certification to the County Superintendent that the District can meet its financial obligations through the end of the fiscal year and for the subsequent two years and approving the budget revisions listed in the projected year totals. This item was discussed on November 18, 2014.





F. Strong Schools Bond Program Overview Staff will present an overview of the status of the bond program.

G. Award of Contract for the Relocation and Renovation of a Modular Building for the Corporation Yard It is recommended the Board award a contract to the lowest responsive responsible bidder and authorize staff to execute a change order allowance in the amount of 10% of the total contract amount. This item was discussed at the October 14, 2014, regular meeting.





H. Office for Civil Rights Update The Superintendent will present the latest information regarding cases with OCR.

Board Members’ Reports / Correspondence / Board Operations / Recognition

A. Reports

B. Correspondence

C. Operations

D. Acknowledgements and Recognition

E. Board Calendar



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