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February 10th, 2016


Roll Call 

Oral Communications

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City Official Reports
Assistant Director’s Report
1. Future Tentative Agenda Schedule & Commission Representation

Continued Business: None



New Business

Study Session
2. Presentation on Palo Alto’s Alleyways by San Jose State University’s Department of
Geography and Global Studies Students



3. Presentation from Stanford Representatives Regarding A General Use Permit and
Community Plan Amendment Filed with the County of Santa Clara



Public Hearing
Royal Manor Single Story Overlay: Request by Ben Lerner et al on Behalf of the Property
Owners of the Royal Manor Tract #1556 for a Zone Change from R‐1 Single Family
Residential and R‐1 (7000) to R‐1(S) and R‐1(7000)(S) Single Family Residential with Single
Story Overlay. The proposed Royal Manor Single Story Overlay boundary includes 202
properties addressed as follows:

Properties fronting the south side of Loma Verde Avenue addressed 984‐1058
Properties fronting both sides of Greer addressed 3341‐3499
Properties fronting both sides of Kenneth Drive addressed 3301‐3493
Properties fronting both sides of Janice Way addressed 3407 to 3498
Properties fronting both sides of Thomas Drive addressed 3303‐3491
Properties fronting the east side of Stockton Place addressed 3315‐3395
Properties fronting the east side of Louis Road addressed 3385 to 3465
Environmental Assessment: Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act per
section 15305. For more information, contact Amy French at



2515‐2585 El Camino Real [14PLN‐ 00321]:  Request by the Hayes Group Architects on
Behalf of ECRPA, LLC for Site and Design Review to Allow a New 39,858 Square Foot, 3‐
Story Mixed Use Building Including Retail, Office, 13 Residential Condominium Units and
One Level of Underground Parking on a 39,908 Square Foot Lot to Replace a 9,694
Square Foot Existing Restaurant (Olive Garden).  The Project Includes a Request for a
Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to Exceed the 5,000 Square Foot Office for the Site by
Approximately 4,835 Square Feet. Environmental Assessment: An Initial Study was
drafted and a Mitigated Negative Declaration was circulated on January 19, 2016.  Zoning
Districts: CC (2) and CN. For more information, contact Margaret Netto at

Approval of Minutes: None

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