Planning & Transportation Commission

October 14th, 2015


Call to Order

Roll Call

Oral Communications

Agenda Changes, Additions and Deletions

Directors Report


1. Update on the Citizen Advisory Committee to the Comprehensive Plan Update Project.



Public Hearing

2. Greer Park North Single Story Overlay: Recommendation to the City Council regarding a request by David Hammond on Behalf of the Property Owners of the Greer Park North Tract #796 for a Zone Change from R-1 Single Family Residential to R-1(S) Single Family Residential with Single Story Overlay. Environmental Assessment: Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act pursuant to Section 15305 of the CEQA Guidelines. For more information, contact Amy French at



3. First Annual Planning Codes Update: Discussion and Possible Recommendation of an Ordinance to amend land use-related portions of the Palo Alto Municipal Code. The purpose of the code amendments are to: (1) improve the use and readability of the code, (2) clarify certain code provisions, and (3) align regulations to reflect current practice and Council policy direction. For more information, contact Amy French at Continued from September 30, 2015

Minutes Approval: None

Commission/Staff Announcements & Future Agenda Items


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