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  1. Cherrill Spencer

    I am happy to note that this Palo Alto City Council Committee passed a motion that will allow some action on ensuring gender equality in all aspects of life in Palo Alto. Here is part of that motion passed in the 10 November meeting::
    1. Accept the status report regarding the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW);
    2. Direct Staff to proceed with a community summit on gender equality issues and next steps in Palo Alto;

    I urge the Mid-peninsula Media Center to broadcast the community summit on gender equality whenever it happens -probably in early 2021.
    I urge girls and women residing or working in Palo Alto to advocate for an open-to-all summit , it will probably be a virtual meeting .
    Write to the Palo Alto City Council on this topic: city.council@cityofpaloalto.org .


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