Policy & Services Committee

December 14th, 2021


Call to Order

Oral Communications 



1. Receive Update from the City’s Federal and State Legislative Advocates and Discussion and Recommendation on the 2022 Citywide Legislative Guidelines.

Packet Pg. 3



2. Review and Approve a Task Order for the Office of the City Auditor to Conduct the Wire Payment Process and Controls Review.

Packet Pg. 9




3. Review and Approve the Initial Public Safety Building Construction Monitoring Report.

Packet Pg. 15




4. Discuss and Make Recommendations for the 2022 City Council Priority Setting Process and Follow Up Discussion on Council Retreat Referral to Discuss Possible Edits, Changes, or Updates to the City Council Procedures and Protocols Handbook.

Packet Pg. 23

Future Meeting and Agendas


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