Producer Promotion Form

Last month, during some of our weekly community ZOOM calls, we spoke with a few of you about your creative projects and where you felt you needed the most support as we emerge from this pandemic. The response was exciting! With so much local media now being produced at home or out in the field, our media makers felt confident in their video production skills and are now looking for promotional support. We are so proud of every media maker who has taken on the task of telling local stories outside of the studio, and we recognize the opportunity to help those stories connect with a wider audience. Last week we gathered around the virtual drawing board and put together a plan to promote and empower our producers while empowering them to shape the conversation surrounding their creative work.

The result was the development of our brand new Producer Promotion Form.

This form gives you the opportunity to tell us about your creative projects so that we can tell our wider community about the amazing work you’ve put together. You’ll be able to send us a short summary of your project, highlight clips, and still frames for us to share on social media, and even indicate any interest you might have in discussing your work for our newsletter. We have high hopes for the ways that this tool can strengthen the relationship between the Midpen Media team and the community of makers who continue to excite and inspire us.