Public Arts Commission

September 21st, 2017


Roll Call 

Agenda Changes, Requests, Deletions

Oral Communications

Approval of Minutes: 

PAC Regular Meeting on August 17, 2017 ATTACHMENT; PAC Retreat on September 8, 2017 ATTACHMENT




2. De-Accession of Artworks – Staff Recommends initiating the deaccession evaluation process for California Avenue, California Native by Susan Leibovitz Steinman, currently sited on California Avenue



1. 450 Bryant Street – Final Review for Public Art in Private Development by artist Martin Webb for a Project at 450 Bryant Street.



3. Temporary Public Art – Staff Recommends the allocation of funds in the amount of $23,000 for Konstantin Dimopopous’ Blue Trees Project on King Plaza 2018-Spring 2019.



4. Adoption of Priorities for 2017/2018 – as determined by the PAC at the annual retreat September 8, 2017.



Staff Comments


For Your Calendar: Next PAC Regular Meeting – 7 PM, October 19, 2017

Joint Meeting with Council October 23, 2017 6 PM

Public Letters to the Commission


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