Quiz Answers from March 24

You expect us to know the answers???  Ha!  But here’s our best shot.  Let the debates begin!!

What items do we have four of in the studio or control room?  Name as many as you can.

Cameras (and cables and camera control units, of course); ISO recorders; Powered monitor speakers; Red upholstered chairs (thanks to CJ for noticing this!); Beige chairs; Blond stools with square legs (we think!); shows with some form of the word ‘Talk’ in their names; hosts on the show “Sports Sitdown.”  And probably many more!

We love our teleprompter software!  What was it called again?


How many buttons can you name on the Tricaster light up red when you push them?  How many can you name that light up green?

All the buttons in the bottom row (Preview) light up green.  They are the buttons 1 through 8, DDR1, DDR2, GFX1, GFX2, FRM BFR, M/E1 through ME8 and BLACK.  (Funny that a button labeled ‘BLACK’ lights up green, no?)  Are there buttons in the mix/effect controls that light up green?  We’re not sure.

All the same buttons in the next row up (Program) light up red.  In addition, the REC button and the STREAM button are red when you’re recording or streaming.  Does the GRAB button light up red when you push it?  Are there any buttons in the M/E rows that light up red?  Again, we’re not sure.

What is this number: 1491?  (Yes, we know: the last year before Columbus arrived at Midpen Media, but what’s its significance in the studio now?)

Those are the last four digits of the telephone number we use for studio call-in shows (650-856-1491).

We have one piece of equipment in the control room with 22 buttons.  What is it?  How many of the buttons do you remember?

It’s the box we use to route the workstations to different displays in the control room.  There are eight buttons in a row representing the displays (which we labeled A through H); eight buttons representing the actual computers (which we numbered 1 through 8, although buttons 6 and 7 aren’t connected to anything), and a block of six buttons on the left, one of which is SET and the rest of which we don’t remember without looking it up in the manual (which would be cheating!)