Racing Hearts and Midpen Create Life Saving Training Videos

By Eva Barrows
Racing Hearts, a non-profit organization funds and lends automated external defibrillator (AED) portable devices to help save lives in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Racing Hearts has placed over 650 units in the greater Bay Area and has created an app to pinpoint where the units are in case they are needed.
Racing Hearts has worked with the Midpen Media Center Pro Services team in the past and is back to produce a second training video. Building on the well-received English language training video completed last year a Spanish version is in post-production. The English version of the training video is publicly available on YouTube and is distributed with the AED devices. Watch the 16-minute video to learn how to identify a SCA victim and how to use an AED to save their life.

Stephanie Martinson, Founder and Executive Director of Racing Hearts says, “We’re so lucky here in Palo Alto to have [Midpen Media Center’s] expertise as a resource for our community.” The two organizations worked together on another project earlier this year. Midpen trained a high school volunteer on how to use a field camera and the volunteer interviewed Racing Hearts 5K 10K race competitors. “We have all of these great clips from the volunteer about what makes your heart happy and it was a nice way to kind of celebrate wellness and heart safety during our heart race.”

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