Real Estate Issues in California’s New Cannabis Industry

By Eva Barrows
A new frontier in the Wild West sprung up with the legalization of commercial cannabis in California. Quickly evolving laws and regulations govern the new market and can be tricky to navigate for landlords and tenants wanting to be a part of the new industry. Brewer Law Forum, a new Midpen Media Center series, first episode “Marijuana and Real Estate in California” provides guidance to prospective cannabis business owners in the current realities of the industry.
Brewer Law Forum’s panelists and show host, legal and real estate professionals with experience in the cannabis industry, share their expertise in front of an in-studio audience.

Every city and county operate differently when approving cannabis licensing, zoning and enforcement, a key takeaway of the panel discussion. Potential business owners are encouraged to get connected with their city government to find out how the cannabis industry is being regulated in their area, helping them stay in compliance. Landlords are becoming more willing to rent to cannabis businesses because of the high rent they can charge. The panelist share tips on how landlords can protect their investments when renting to a cannabis operation.

For an overview of the legal landscape and real estate advice on the cannabis industry watch the premiere of Brewer Law Forum, coming soon to Midpen Media Center YouTube channel.

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