Sample clips

A sampling of short videos produced at the Media Center for community producers and outside clients, by Nancy Brown


Change Makers opening montage
Futuristic, holistic and community-based images for a television program about people who make a difference.

Total Running Time: 00:40
Producer: Nancy Brown


2012 Project
Aisha Tyler, actor and stand-up comedian, has a serious invitation for American women: Have you, yes YOU, considered running for office?

Total Running Time: 00:30
Producer / Editor: Nancy Brown


Interview with an Executioner
A documentary about an American prison warden who turned against the death penalty.  Made for Amnesty International, this short film was shown at the United Nations International Film Festival, among others. Includes footage from a previous film made in Great Britain, “14 Days in May”.

Total Running Time: 12:40
Producers: Ken Russell, Terry McCaffrey, Nancy Brown
Editor: Nancy Brown


Litquake: Oshman Family JCC
Highlights a local literary festival featuring authors in dialogue with readers

Total Running Time: 04:56
Producer: Nancy Brown


Powered By You
Promotion for the City of Palo Alto Utilities department, from the establishment of the utility in 1900 to its operation in the present day.

Total Running Time: 11:26
Producer: Nancy Brown


San José Makes a Difference
The City of San Jose is making great progress toward its goal of Zero Waste to the landfills. This video demonstrates the City’s success in greening local events, such as the annual San Jose Jazz Festival.

Total Running Time: 7:00
Producer: Nancy Brown


Text a Tip
East Palo Alto wants to stop violence in the community. This PSA explains three ways to do it. People can call, text, or go to a website to send anonymous tips about violent crime.

Total Running Time: 01:05
Producer: Nancy Brown web tour
Total Running Time: 02:29
Producer: Nancy Brown


Veterans Helping Veterans opening montage
Clips of veterans in action from all branches of military service, which opens a program by and for veterans

Total Running Time: 00:50
Producer: Nancy Brown


Green Takes Action opening montage
Still images, music and titles in a dynamic sequence that opens an environment-oriented television program.

Total Running Time: 00:30
Producers: Jeff McGinnis, Nancy Brown


Make the Call opening montage
Video montage of crime scenes and community vigilance, for a television program that encourages viewers to help the police solve homicides in their community.

Total Running Time: 01:10
Producer: Nancy Brown


Palo Alto City Council Retreat
In January 2011, Palo Alto City Council’s annual retreat was held at the Baylands Interpretive Center. Participants discussed goals and procedures for the coming year.

Total Running Time: 6:48
Producer: Nancy Brown


Dialogue at Washington High
A group of high school students are exposed to the process of Dialogue, which is presented by members of the Jewish and Palestinian communities. Then the students try Dialogue with each other.

Total Running Time: 06:21
Producer: Nancy Brown


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