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Ken Allen Presents
James Welch Organist at Stanford Memorial Church
Organist James Welch performs Vierne's First Symphony as well as works of Nanney, Renaud, Franck, Christiansen, and Schreiner at famed Stanford Memorial church.
Airs On Channel
Fri, Dec 13th 12:21am 30
Ken Allen Presents
Toccatas -Times Three
The 27th Annual Palo Alto Halloween Concert at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, hosted by organist James Welch, highlights a variety of toccatas and features Nicholas Welch, vocalist Erin McOmber, cellist Christian Hales and organist Eleanor Muhawi (the 2019 Homecoming Queen of Valley Christian High School).
Airs On Channel
Sun, Dec 8th 6:56pm 30
Ken Allen Presents
James Welch and Erin McOmber Christmas Creche Concert 2015
Airs On Channel
Sun, Dec 8th 11:00pm 28
Mon, Dec 9th 11:00am 28
Mon, Dec 9th 6:30pm 75
Tue, Dec 10th 12:30pm 30
Tue, Dec 10th 5:00pm 28
Fri, Dec 13th 6:00pm 30
Sat, Dec 14th 10:00am 28
Ken Allen Presents
Balancing Life -Sharlene Wells Hawkes
Airs On Channel
Mon, Dec 9th 1:00am 28
Mon, Dec 9th 3:00pm 30
Wed, Dec 11th 2:00am 75
Thu, Dec 12th 5:00am 28
Sat, Dec 14th 1:04pm 75
Sat, Dec 14th 1:26pm 75
Sat, Dec 14th 2:04pm 28
Sat, Dec 14th 2:26pm 28
Ken Allen Presents
Convocation at Stanford 2019
The 23rd annual Convocation of the Latter-Day Saint Community at Stanford in Memorial Church featuring Rev. Doctor tiffany Steinwert and Dr. Kate Holbrook.
Airs On Channel
Sun, Dec 8th 9:59pm 30
Fri, Dec 13th 5:00pm 75
Sat, Dec 14th 10:00pm 75