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Ken Allen Presents
Gunn High School - Heavenly Bandstand
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Fri, Jan 28th 2:00pm 30
Ken Allen Presents
Colette Taylor Presents: Storytellers At The Annex
Stories by the folks from the San Francisco Mid-Peninsula Mormon Community in the genre of traditional storytellers. Featuring: Peter Giles, Norris Finlayson, Dolly Gallagher, Brad Taylor, Kurt Johnson, Eric Willis.
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Sun, Jan 23rd 12:00am 30
Ken Allen Presents
Convocation at Stanford 2019
The 23rd annual Convocation of the Latter-Day Saint Community at Stanford in Memorial Church featuring Rev. Doctor tiffany Steinwert and Dr. Kate Holbrook.
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Sun, Jan 23rd 8:30am 28
Ken Allen Presents
Smetana-A Study in Grief
The Saint Michael Trio presents an informance on Smetana at Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford.
Airs On Channel
Sun, Jan 23rd 4:30pm 75
Mon, Jan 24th 4:30am 28
Tue, Jan 25th 3:30am 28
Tue, Jan 25th 12:00pm 28
Wed, Jan 26th 4:00pm 75
Fri, Jan 28th 2:30am 28
Fri, Jan 28th 2:51am 28
Fri, Jan 28th 3:30am 28
Fri, Jan 28th 6:00am 30
Ken Allen Presents
The Mayfield Singers: Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Love songs of all genres performed by The Mayfield Singers of Palo Alto and Menlo Park with guest conductor Rosalind Hall, BYU choral director.
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Sun, Jan 23rd 6:00pm 30
Ken Allen Presents
James Welch Organist at Stanford Memorial Church
Organist James Welch performs Vierne's First Symphony as well as works of Nanney, Renaud, Franck, Christiansen, and Schreiner at famed Stanford Memorial church.
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Tue, Jan 25th 1:28am 75
Ken Allen Presents - Love Limits & Laughter
Ken Allen Presents: "We Adopted Five Special Needs Foster Kids"
Native Palo Altan Ann Ellsworth talks about adopting foster children in New York.
Airs On Channel
Sat, Jan 22nd 3:30am 30
Tue, Jan 25th 4:00pm 30
Wed, Jan 26th 10:30pm 75
Thu, Jan 27th 3:30pm 28
Thu, Jan 27th 8:00pm 28
Sat, Jan 29th 3:30am 30
Ken Allen Presents
James Welch and Erin McOmber Christmas Creche Concert 2015
Airs On Channel
Thu, Jan 27th 11:00am 30