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Yoga for Health and Joy
Core Strengthening Yoga
Core Strengthening Yoga * Short Class. Do you wish you had a stronger core? Do you want muscles that are more toned? Me too :) We feel better and are healthier with stronger muscles. Every time you practice these core poses you are getting stronger. Be easy, be lighthearted, be playful, so you want to keep doing yoga stretches and strengthening poses until your 100th birthday or longer.
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Tue, Jun 28th 12:30am 28
Tue, Jun 28th 4:00pm 28
Wed, Jun 29th 6:00am 28
Wed, Jun 29th 11:30am 28
Wed, Jun 29th 6:00pm 28
Tue, Jul 5th 12:30am 28
Tue, Jul 5th 4:00pm 28
Wed, Jul 6th 6:00am 28
Wed, Jul 6th 11:30am 28
Wed, Jul 6th 6:00pm 28
Yoga for Health and Joy
Hip Mobility
Yoga for Greater Hip Mobility - For people who sit or drive too much. Doing these yoga stretches will relieve tightness and stiffness and make it easier to walk. Practicing these yoga poses will improve posture, stability of your spine, and even help your lower back feel better as well. Regular Hip Openers will give you greater range of motion.
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Tue, Jun 28th 1:00am 28
Tue, Jul 5th 1:00am 28
Yoga For Health And Joy
Energize With Morning Yoga
Energize with Morning Yoga. Do you wake up feeling stiff? Do you wake up NOT ready to hit the gas pedal? Then do join me for this 25 minute yoga class to ease into your day and energize yourself naturally! Give your body a lube job! Loosen up muscles, tendons and fibers of your body with these stretches and poses. Feel fantastic the rest of the day! If you did not sleep well. Join me for "Yoga for a Restful Night's Sleep" Show/ Class
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Tue, Jun 28th 9:00am 28
Tue, Jul 5th 9:00am 28
Yoga for Health and Joy
Yoga for Smartphone Users
Thank goodness for the gifts of yoga. I will share the best text neck stretches and self-care practices for your shoulders, eyes and hands. use this class to bring awareness to your posture and breath. Use these smartphone user yoga remedies now and forever more! I like hearing from you at
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Thu, Jun 30th 9:00am 28
Thu, Jul 7th 9:00am 28
Yoga for Health and Joy
Spinal Health with Yoga
Patricia guides the audience through moves and poses designed for spine and back health.
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Sat, Jul 2nd 5:30am 75
Sat, Jul 2nd 6:00am 75
Sat, Jul 9th 5:30am 75
Sat, Jul 9th 6:00am 75
Yoga for Health and Joy
Hamstrings and Hips
Yoga for hamstrings and hips.
Airs On Channel
Wed, Jun 29th 6:30am 28
Wed, Jun 29th 12:00pm 28
Wed, Jun 29th 6:30pm 28
Sat, Jul 2nd 6:30am 75
Wed, Jul 6th 6:30am 28
Wed, Jul 6th 12:00pm 28
Wed, Jul 6th 6:30pm 28
Sat, Jul 9th 6:30am 75
Yoga for Health and Joy
Gentle Yoga For Joy
Gentle Yoga for Health Relieve tightness from joint and muscles in this Gentle Yoga for Joy class! Rejuvenating and stretching the body at a slower pace will help you feel more freedom. Increase your range of motion, alleviate stress, and create more flexibility. The more you practice the better you feel!
Airs On Channel
Sun, Jul 3rd 3:00am 28