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Yoga for Health and Joy
Yoga for Beginners with Patricia Becker
Start by connecting to your breath laying on your back. Easy stretches and strengthening poses get movement and oxygen into your cells. Feel Better Now!
Airs On Channel
Tue, Apr 7th 9:00am 28
Tue, Apr 7th 4:00pm 28
Thu, Apr 9th 9:00am 28
Thu, Apr 9th 4:00pm 28
Tue, Apr 14th 9:00am 28
Tue, Apr 14th 4:00pm 28
Yoga for Health and Joy
Love Your Body Like You Love Your Garden! This sequence designed for gardeners, but it's also for hikers, bikers and runners. Practice along to increase healing circulation and harmony to your hips, hamstrings, inner and outer knee, oblique and abdominal muscles Learn more at
Airs On Channel
Wed, Apr 8th 6:00am 28
Wed, Apr 8th 5:30pm 28
Wed, Apr 15th 6:00am 28
Wed, Apr 15th 5:30pm 28
Yoga for Health and Joy with Patricia Becker
Backbends for Flexibility
Backbends for Flexibility - Learn how to practice backbends correctly so they are challenging and comfortable. Regular practice will increase your range of motion and make you feel lighter and energized.
Airs On Channel
Sat, Apr 11th 5:30am 75
Sat, Apr 11th 6:30am 75
Thu, Apr 16th 9:00am 28
Thu, Apr 16th 4:00pm 28
Sat, Apr 18th 5:30am 75
Sat, Apr 18th 6:30am 75
Yoga For Health And Joy
Energize With Morning Yoga
Energize with Morning Yoga. Do you wake up feeling stiff? Do you wake up NOT ready to hit the gas pedal? Then do join me for this 25 minute yoga class to ease into your day and energize yourself naturally! Give your body a lube job! Loosen up muscles, tendons and fibers of your body with these stretches and poses. Feel fantastic the rest of the day! If you did not sleep well. Join me for "Yoga for a Restful Night's Sleep" Show/ Class
Airs On Channel
Sun, Apr 12th 4:00am 28